What is olBi?

The Oral Learners Bible Institute

  • Every believer should become a disciple.

  • Every disciple should become a leader.

  • Every leader should lead others to believe.

There are those who have never completed their primary education and thus do not qualify to attend the traditional Bible Institute or College. The Oral Learners Bible Institute is a video based three-year education that teaches a student how to become a leader in the church without the need for reading or writing.

Bible, Theology, Discipleship, Evangelism, and Pastoral Training

The Oral Learners Bible Institute was created to train men and women in discipleship and ministry.  Each course is comprised of video lessons.  There are no educational prerequisites to enroll.

To earn a certificate of ministry each student must have a registered mentor.  Your local church pastor can register to become an olBi mentor.

The Oral Learners Bible Institute is a three-year school for discipleship and ministry education. 

Year 1: Discipleship Studies.  Year 2: Leadership Studies.  Year 3: Pastoral Studies.

Year 1

9 Courses – 27 Credit Hours

Year 2

9 Courses – 29 Credit Hours

Year 3

9 Courses – 28 Credit Hours

Our Faculty

The Oral Learners Bible Institute has assembled a world class faculty of college professors, pastors, and ministry experts.

The olBi instructors have written the lessons that are presented for each course.

Rev. Robb Hawks

olBi Global

Rev. Rajnish Jacob

olBi India

Dr. Barbara Parks

Academic Dean
olBi Global

Dr. Paul Parks

Curriculum Development
olBi Global